Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

When the most marginalized of us get free, we all get free.


Call To Action

We call on mission-based organizations to live up to their highest aim and use their vast resources and people talent to improve the quality of life for the most marginalized communities in our society.

A society with a sustained and active focus on rooting out the conditions that create marginalization is a liberated society.


Who We Are

We are a collective of DEI practitioners committed to social justice and liberation for all people. We are community organizers, business practitioners, teachers, researchers, and problem-solvers that live our lives at the intersections of multiple identities.

As consultants we work from the inside-out to break down barriers and connect organizations to the needs of the people.



The Challenge

Mission-based organizations espouse egalitarian views but few live up to their ideals given the systems of bias and power embedded in the organization at every level.

In order for most organizations to fully take on the inequities that exists, and move from good intentions to measurable outcomes, a paradigm shift must occur.



Our Approach



We center marginalized communities to disrupt bias and inequity in systems and institutions.




We bring in people who deeply understand the problem to develop solutions.



We help develop empathy for the end user/community thereby increasing understanding of the connections across people and ideas and leading to more effective solutions to complex problems.




Once equitable solutions are generated we ensure that they are woven throughout an organization’s DNA (values, systems, processes) and do so in a way that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.



Our Clients